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I have a datagridview that is a cross tab. When the user click on one of the column headers I'd like to sort the datagridview, but I don't want the final (total) row to be sorted. Any ideas?

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You can temporary take the last line out of the list by assigning it to a temp grid-line and do a .RemoveAt(lineID) on your grid, then sort, and finally append the temp grid-line back on the grid.

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So frustrating. This should work, but the DGV is bound to a datatable. When I remove the row (r) from the datatable (dt), it basically sets r to null. So when I insert the row back into dt, I get a line of 0s. dt = Datagridview1.DataSource dim r as datarow For each dr as datarow in dt.rows if dr(0).tostring.contains("Total: ") then r = dr dt.remove(dr) exit for end if dt.rows.add(r) –  Alan Carter Oct 11 '12 at 16:23
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Ended up using a custom DataGridView from XCeed. It has a summary row built into the control. Seems like overkill, but hey, what're you gonna do right?

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