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I've tried all sorts of things, none of which work

I need the following in coffeescript

    scrollTop: '+=' + $('#comment-div').offset().top + 'px'
}, 'fast');


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That should work as is in Coffeescript as well. –  Thilo Oct 11 '12 at 0:40
Can you give us some examples of what you have tried and how they didn't work? –  Jon P Oct 11 '12 at 0:44

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As Thilo said in a comment, your JavaScript code as-is works in CoffeeScript, too, but if you want to make it more CoffeeScript-y, you can. Since the languages are so similar, there is not much difference.

$("html, body").animate {
    scrollTop: "+=#{$("#comment-div").offset().top}px"
}, "fast"

What I've done here is:

  • Removed the unnecessary parentheses.
  • Use string interpolation (#{} syntax) within the scrollTop string.

These make the code more CoffeeScript-y.

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If you need the fastest way to convert, then try this as a temporary solution


I suggest you to use this as cross verification instead of correcting the code after getting compile error(Only during initial stages), I strongly recommend you to learn coffeescript instead of doing this conversion thing.

And If you want more detailed books on coffeescript apart from Little Book Try these,
Programming in Coffee
Coffeescript Accelerated JavaScript Development

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