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I have a xml log that is modified constantly by another application; however my Java code runs concurrently and checks for a couple of strings. I am using a SAX Parser. Now my question is will I have to have a new instance of a FileInputStream every time I loop through the file? How about the parser?

So let's say:

    FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(new File("c:/tmp/123.xml"));
    SaxParser.parse(fis, sampleHandler);
    notFound = sampleHandler.checkIfFound();

Thanks :D

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In the example you provided, you will need a new FileInputStream each time you want to start reading from the beginning of the file. Stream classes don't often allow for manual positioning/resetting of the 'location', as since the name ('Stream') implies, it's just a pipe with bits spewing out of it.

Since you're using the SaxParser.parse() class method to initiate the parsing, it doesn't seem as though you actually have a parser object to re-create. So you should be fine with just re-creating the FileInputStream.

But! It seems like current versions of the SaxParser class support passing in a File instance as the first parameter, so you can just repeatedly use:

    SaxParser.parse(new File("c:/tmp/123.xml"), sampleHandler);
    notFound = sampleHandler.checkIfFound();

Avoiding the re-creation of the FileInputStream altogether, and allowing the parser to handle that.

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Ah I see. Figured. Hmm let me try that out. Thanks a lot. – jlisam13 Oct 11 '12 at 0:55

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