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I have an "Answer" database table below:

Answer Table

AnswerId SessionId QuestionId Answer
10       AAD       7          A
11       AAD       7          B
12       AAD       7          D
13       AAA       1          A
14       AAC       1          True

Now as you can see above there are 3 answers for question 7 in Exam (Session) AAD, there is 1 answer for question 1 in Exam (Session) AAA, and these is 1 answer for question 1 in Exam (Session) AAC.

So When I output the table in php/html, it should display it like this:

  Question  Answer

  7         ABD
  1         A
  1         True

But the problem is that it is displaying the table in 3 separate rows which I do not want:

Question  Answer
7         ABD
7         ABD
7         ABD
1         ATrue
1         ATrue

So I am guessing that I have got my GROUP BY CLAUSE incorrect, my question is that what should the GROUP BY Clause be so that it is correct?

 SELECT DISTINCT an.SessionId, an.QuestionId, q.QuestionContent, o.OptionType, q.NoofAnswers, GROUP_CONCAT( an.Answer
ORDER BY an.Answer
SEPARATOR  ' ' ) AS Answer, r.ReplyType, q.QuestionMarks
FROM Answer an
INNER JOIN Question q ON q.QuestionId = an.QuestionId
JOIN Reply r ON q.ReplyId = r.ReplyId
JOIN Option_Table o ON q.OptionId = o.OptionId
GROUP BY an.SessionId, an.QuestionId

Below I have included the SHOW CREATE TABLES for "Question" and "Answer" Tables:

Question Table:

 CREATE TABLE `Question` (
     `SessionId` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
     `QuestionId` int(10) NOT NULL,
     `QuestionContent` varchar(5000) NOT NULL,
     `NoofAnswers` int(2) NOT NULL,
     `ReplyId` int(1) NOT NULL,
     `QuestionMarks` int(4) NOT NULL,
     `OptionId` int(2) NOT NULL,
     PRIMARY KEY (`SessionId`,`QuestionId`)

Answer Table:

 `AnswerId` int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `SessionId` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 `QuestionId` int(10) NOT NULL,
 `Answer` varchar(5) NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY (`AnswerId`)

Below is the "Question" Table rows (I only include SessionId and QuestionId columns as they are relevant for this situation:

SessionId QuestionId 
AAA       1
AAC       1
AAD       7

The rows in the "Answer" table is at top of this question.

UPDATE: With the query above I get these results (Only including relevant columns):

SessionId  QuestionId  Answer
AAA        1           A A        // This row answer should only be "A"
AAC        1           True True  //This row answer should only be "True"
AAD        7           A B D      //This row is fine
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You need to add GROUP BY clause. Try this, (it's a simplified version)

FROM tableName
GROUP BY SessionID, QuestionID

SQLFiddle Demo

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I forgot to paste my GROUP BY CLAUSE in the question. I will test your group by clause, you can have a look at mine if you want –  user1701484 Oct 11 '12 at 0:55
@user1701484 remove the an.AnswerId in your query. –  John Woo Oct 11 '12 at 0:56
I have updated the GROUP BY clause but still can't get it to work. AM I doing something wrong? –  user1701484 Oct 11 '12 at 0:57
can you add the schema of your tables and sample records on it? –  John Woo Oct 11 '12 at 0:58
Give me 10 mins, I think I just realised that I don't think I set foriegn keys between the "Question" and "Answer" Tables, would this be the difference? –  user1701484 Oct 11 '12 at 1:01

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