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I came across a list of Python editors and a list of features here: What IDE to use for Python?

Among those features were "Integrated Python Debugging". As I'm trying to decide on a text editor to use, I thought I'd look it up, because I don't know what debugging is more than "fixing bugs". That left me none the wiser however, so now I'm asking: as a beginner with Python, how will having this feature in a text editor affect me?

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Debugging will change your life as a programmer, look it up. –  Lanaru Oct 11 '12 at 1:06
I found that many programmers don't use debuggers and I just can't see why, it makes life much easier, especially in interpreted languages like Perl and Python where you can execute new code while debugging. –  Bitwise Oct 11 '12 at 1:10

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With a debugger you can pause your program at various points and inspect what the values of your different variables are. A debugger allows you to slowly "step" through your program and verify that the code is doing what you expect it too.

Here's an article about debugging with Eclipse and PyDev.

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Adding these lines to your python code will insert a break point int your code

import pdb

then you can use the normal pdb commands s = step, n = next w = where etc.

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I suggest to read this (if you use Emacs or Vim is the best):

Very clear and usefull!

PDB has similar comands of the GDB used in C.

If you prefer to use an IDE, there is a part in the beginning that could help you.

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