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I have a knockout template (using koExternaltemplateEngine_all.js) in which I want an edit link that will direct to a controller/action. I quite like what knockout provides for me in terms of MVVM, but uncertain if I'm trying to mix apples and oranges by specifying an action link in a knockout view. I'd like to knock what is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

  <b><span data-bind='text: Title'></span></b>
  <span data-bind='text: ArticleDate'></span>
<span data-bind='text: BodyText'></span>

Something like

<a data-bind="attr: { 'href': '@Url.Action("Details" .. ?

The Model

    public class SecureModel
       public SecureModel()


       private List<Article> _articles;

       public List<Article> Announcements
              return _articles;
              _articles = value;


    @model UI.Models.SecureModel
      ViewBag.Title = "Announcements";
    var viewModel = {

    isEditable: ko.observable(false),
    articles: ko.mapping.fromJS([]),
    loadInitialData: function () {
        ko.mapping.fromJS(serverData, dataMappingOptions, viewModel.articles);
    loadUpdatedData: function () {
        ko.mapping.fromJS(serverData, dataMappingOptions, viewModel.articles);
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I answered but now I'm wondering.... Did you just want to know if doing this was good practice OR did you want to know how to do it? –  klabranche Oct 11 '12 at 2:04
Hi @klabranche thanks for the reply. I think you have the right idea, I'm currently receiving a knockout error : unable to parse bindings..unterminated string constant when I try that line of code ( setting ArticleModelKeyFieldName as Id ) currently, but I'll try to make it run and report back. Definitely interested to know opinions if this is even a good idea, to me the knockout/external templates with model binding seems to break the normal paradigm of binding a razor view to a server side model? –  MikeW Oct 11 '12 at 2:38
Using a server side model with KO is normal. –  klabranche Oct 11 '12 at 14:01

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If I'm reading your code right then you have already scoped to the Article since your first KO data-bind samples show Title, ArticleDate, etc.... It's a little hard to tell since you don't show what Article has for properties...

If this is the case you should be able to do something like this:

<a data-bind="attr: { 'href': '@Url.Action("Details", "ControllerName", new {actionParameterName=ArticleModelKeyFieldName}">Details</a>

Where actionParameterName is the name of the parameter in your action and ArticleModelKeyFieldName is the key field on your Articles Model.

So if you had an action like:

public ActionResult Details(int articleId)

Then actionParameterName would be articleId.

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