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I wrote a simple ActiveX Dll object with C++ & ATL (VS2010) for using in VBS scripting engine embedded in a SCADA system. It's just a code carcass now, just interfaces with stubs, no dependencies. Every interface designed to be called from client side have dual interface. I can see this object from OLE/COM Object Viewer and can instantiate it from there. I've got no problem with instantiating this ActiveX object using C#'s interop services for debug purposes.

However, when i'm trying to instantiate this from wscript (vbs) I get this 800a0ad error.

The operating system is Windows 7 (32 bit), not x64.

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You posted wrong error code, is it 0x800a00ad? Which MSDN suggests to be ERR_INVALIDTYPE_RDNATTR "The profile-property is marked as an RDN-attribute, but is not of type 'STRING'." – Roman R. Oct 11 '12 at 6:40

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