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The collisionDetection() thread is not working. I couldn't find where the bug is. I want to create a thread that uses ultrasonic to detect collison and once it does it will brake it's motors i am using nxt-python 2.2.2 and using synchronized motors to run the wheels.

import nxt.locator

from nxt.motor import *
from nxt.sensor import *
from threading import Thread

brick = nxt.locator.find_one_brick()
left = Motor(brick, PORT_B)
right = Motor(brick, PORT_A)
both = nxt.SynchronizedMotors(left, right, 0)
ultrasonic = Ultrasonic(brick, PORT_4)

def echolocate():

def collisionDetection():

    while echolocate < 20:

def test():

Thread(target = collisionDetection).start()

while True:
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What does "not working" mean? Exception? Robot crash? Nothing? – nneonneo Oct 11 '12 at 3:25
@nneonneo as in when an object or collision detected it does not stop – Edward Oct 11 '12 at 3:52

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