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I am trying to implement the following in a Raw Comparator but not sure how to write this?

the tumestamp field here is of tyoe LongWritable.

if (this.getNaturalKey().compareTo(o.getNaturalKey()) != 0) {
                return this.getNaturalKey().compareTo(o.getNaturalKey());
            } else if (this.timeStamp != o.timeStamp) {
                return timeStamp.compareTo(o.timeStamp);
            } else {
                return 0;

I found a hint here, but not sure how do I implement this dealing with a LongWritabel type? http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/databases/hadoop/9780596521974/serialization/id3548156

Thanks for your help

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Not sure what you're asking. Is natural key a timestamp stored as a long? –  Chris Gerken Oct 11 '12 at 3:15
no Natural key is a id and of type Text –  javanx Oct 11 '12 at 14:53

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Are you asking about way to compare LongWritable type provided by hadoop ? If yes, then the answer is to use compare() method. For more details, scroll down here.

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The best way to correctly implement RawComparator is to extend WritableComparator and override compare() method. The WritableComparator is very good written, so you can easily understand it.

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It is already implemented from what I see in the LongWritable class:

/** A Comparator optimized for LongWritable. */ 
  public static class Comparator extends WritableComparator {
    public Comparator() {

    public int compare(byte[] b1, int s1, int l1,
                       byte[] b2, int s2, int l2) {
      long thisValue = readLong(b1, s1);
      long thatValue = readLong(b2, s2);
      return (thisValue<thatValue ? -1 : (thisValue==thatValue ? 0 : 1));

That byte comparision is the override of the RawComparator.

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