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I'm trying to add ListItems to a ListBox (ListBox3) depending on the selectedItem of another ListBox (ListBox1). The problem is , The Items aren't added to the Listbox.

Here's the code :

      private void createlist()
        if (listBox1.SelectedValue.ToString().Equals("EPL"))

            ListBoxItem manchesterunited = new ListBoxItem();
            manchesterunited.Content = "Manchester United";

    private void listBox1_SelectionChanged(object sender, System.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventArgs e)

createlist() does the changes and is called in the SelctionChanged() event of ListBox1.

New to C# and WP7 programming , any help will be much appreciated.

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Create the lists in your viewmodel and bind the listbox to a list<> in your viewmodel say SelectedList. When the user selects the item from ListBox1 just change the value of SelectedList with the appropriate List and Notify the property changed event. And it will be done.!

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i think you program not run in mvvm structure.

make sure your logic is right. you can make a breakpoint at the line
ListBoxItem manchesterunited = new ListBoxItem(); Ensure run those code in if code block.

the way add a control in a listbox is correct.

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