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I have a table where I want to join different tables depending on the value of one column, like so (this doesn't work, but it's my example):

SELECT * FROM table1 JOIN (CASE WHEN table1_column1=1 THEN table2 ON table2_column1=table1_column2 END) WHERE table1_column3='hello'

All in all there are gonna be 4 values in the column, calling other tables. Is this doable?

Edit: I think I need to clarify what I'm after. Depending on the value of table1_column1, I want the JOIN to fetch a specific table and column. For example, if t1c1=1 it should join table2_column1 on table1_column2. If, however, t1c1=2 it should join table5_column1 on table1_column2. Etc, etc, etc.

Again - is this doable? It's easily scripted if I use two separate queries. I just want to use one query, however.

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And how do you see the result set? Do you realize that if it worked in that way - then different rows would contain different amount of columns – zerkms Oct 11 '12 at 3:04
table1 JOIN table2 ON table2_column1=table1_column2 AND table1_column1=1


table1 JOIN table3 ON table2_column1=table1_column2 AND table1_column3='hello'

it might work

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SELECT * FROM table1 
JOIN  table2 ON table2_column1=table1_column2 and table1_column1=1 
WHERE table1_column3='hello'
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