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I have a question about Solr highlighting.

When you use the highlighting function with the methods, "setHighlightSimplePre" and "setHighlightSimplePost", and set some html tag, you would get a highlighted term that is surrounded by the html tags.
For example, when you query with "test", and set "<b>" as the argument for setHighlightSimplePre and "</b>" as the argument for setHighlightSimplePost, you would get "<b>test</b>" as string form as long as at least a field has the value "test".

Here is a thing. If a field has a value like "testA <b>testB test", you would get "testA <b>testB <b>test</b>", meaning you will see "testA testB <b>test" if you output the result as html.

How can I solve this problem? That is, in this example, I want to output the result like "testA <b>testB test".
is there any way to recognize html tags before highlighting?

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Of course, in this example, I can avoid this problem by using any other tag instread of <b></b> for the argument, but that's not an essential solution because a field may have other kinds of tags. – Max Oct 11 '12 at 6:45

you could strip the html from the content before highlighting.

or you can use a highliter class instead of <b>, like

setHighlightSimplePre('<span class="hilite">');


then override the style of the surrounding content:

div.content b {font-weight: normal;}

and set the style of highlited text:

.hilite {font-weight: bold; color: yellow;}
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Thank you. I'm beginner so it's not completely clear for me. So you mean what I basically need to do is to use <span> tag and to define a class in which I define what I want to do for highlighting? – Max Oct 11 '12 at 4:10
However I think the problem still remains. If a field has a value "testA <span class="anyOtherClass">testB test", the resulf will be "testA <span class="anyOtherClass">testB <span class="hilite">test</span>", which means this is the same problem as I wrote. – Max Oct 11 '12 at 4:23

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