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I couldn't find how to list all drawable inside another app from my app.

I managed to get drawables if I know the name, but couldn't find how to do it with a simple loop from 1 to N.

Any of you could offer a code template to do this?

The following code already works:

mAndromedaAddonContext = createPackageContext( "com.demo.andromeda",
                Context.CONTEXT_IGNORE_SECURITY );
mPlanetsResID[0] = mAndromedaAddonResources.getIdentifier( "planet20111007081421628", "drawable", "com.demo.andromeda" );

But I want to iterate without using the resource name. Something along those lines: for(int i=0; i

I do have the same sharedUserId and process in the manifest file, so I have the privilege to access the resources from the other app.

Thanks in advance.

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First use mAndromedaAddonResources.getAssets() to get an instance of AssetManger for the app you are targeting.

see here:

Then you can use the

public final String[] list (String path)

method in AssetManager class to get a list of all assets at a given path( In your case, it would be the path of the res/drawable folder for the app you are targeting). This will give you a list of strings where each string is an asset name. Then you can simply use the same code you are using to obtain their identifiers.

For more info on AssetManager:

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Fantastic! Been stuck on this for a while now. Thanks! – Richard Lalancette Nov 10 '12 at 17:31

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