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I am looking for an embedded OS that satisfies the requirements below, I did several searches on the site and web but seems hard to find anything close, so I turned it here, hope this is not a duplicate question already being asked before.

I need to find an embedded OS that:

have to:

  1. be Open source
  2. be able to runs on x86
  3. support standard glibc and glibc++ runtime, and POSIX APIs
  4. have multi-threading support, including in-kernel task scheduling; and user-land pthread API support
  5. may support only single application process, no need to support process control in kernel
  6. no need to support virtual memory and paging
  7. has user-land malloc / mmap APIs and underlying in-kernel memory management functionality
  8. no need of disk storage support, system all run in memory after kernel and the single app process loaded from image

and optionally:

  1. no need to support console, gfx drivers etc
  2. no need of various bunch of device drivers and extended functionalities support such as the linux kernel does
  3. small footprint and fast boot
  4. provide some means of IPC APIs, such as shared memory (we probably would modify its underlying impl. to satisfy our requirement)

Sorry this is a long posting trying to be accurate. Would be very appreciate if any small / embedded OS with features close to the above requirements, the closer match would save more of our porting efforts :) thanks a lot.

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You could also hope that it is a duplicate since then you'd have lots of answers already! Also might be good if you shared a list of what you know is close but not right. The keywords of those other OSs are likely to help find searchers. – New Alexandria Oct 11 '12 at 4:11
Thank you. What I have been searched including below: user-mode linux, eglibc, uClibC, eCos, and several others. But it seems none of them satisfies the basic requirement: a single-process, multi-threading tiny OS supports c++ runtime. – miaobo Oct 11 '12 at 5:07
Question title updated, trying to be more accurate and specific – miaobo Oct 11 '12 at 5:15

What you're asking is odd.

How different are your tasks from processes? What are those tasks?

Memory mapping does not work without page translation (page translation is not the same as on-disk virtual memory).

What kind of IPC and memory sharing are you talking about? If there's just one address space for all threads (given that you have only one process and it's processes that own address space not threads), all memory is free to be accessed by any thread.

The entire POSIX API may be too big for an embedded system, but it doesn't make much sense to have it if you don't use a lot of stuff related to processes and I/O (file and other).

I'd think that all you need is a small kernel providing this functionality:

  • basic memory management
  • system calls
  • basic thread management (with a few synchronization primitives)
  • a few standard C and POSIX functions

And that surprisingly doesn't differ much from MSDOS, except for the thread support. And it may be easier to implement than find and adapt some existing stuff.

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Thank you for the answer. I think The tasks I mentioned here would mean nothing more than the linux libpthreads impl. which maps to tasks on CPU. I understand memory mapping and shared-memory IPC won't work without virtual memory, what we need is just it's user-land API impl. and we probably would modify all its underlying implementation, to allow us inter-communicate multiple of such OS instances on top of VMMs. In other words, we would like to run it under a customized virtualized environment that allows high-efficient, shared-memory like IPC. – miaobo Oct 11 '12 at 5:00
Also, thank you for pointing out that implementing our own stuff might be a better idea. We would definitely consider this as an option. I am not aware if any embedded OS support glibc++, not sure if start with customizing Linux would be a good idea. – miaobo Oct 11 '12 at 5:06

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