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I am saving images into a database with Doctrine, mapped with this:

/** @Column(type="blob") **/
protected $data;

Everything seems to be OK. I can persist the image data in the database this way:

    $largeImage = new ImageData();
    $handle = fopen($imagePath, "r");
    $bytes = fread($handle, filesize($imagePath));


OK. The data is saved, but when I need to read it, I can't.

// outputs resource(1) of type (stream)

So, I tried this:

$fp = fopen('image.jpg', 'w');
fwrite($fp, base64_decode(stream_get_contents($image->getData())));

And the contents of the file is not from an image, so the image is not rendered by the Windows photo viewer.

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I solved it by doing this:

$image = stream_get_contents($image->getData());
$hex = substr($image, 1);
$image =  pack("H*", $hex);

echo $image;

my $image content is a hex string started with x, if yours starts with 0x, do: substr($image, 2);

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