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I am working on upgrading to jQueryUI 1.9.0 and I have jquery.tooltip that I'd like to transition to the tooltips that are now in jQueryUI. The one problem is that jQueryUI tooltips do not have the showBody option. Is there a quick way to add that capability in there?


I'm thinking I could write a callback attached to the content option to parse out the delimited data I want (e.g. default delimiter could be " - ", which is what it is in the "old" tooltip plugin) and break up into h3 (content before delimiter) and div (content after delimiter).

before I go too far down this road, I want to bounce it off the community to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel and something like this doesn't already exist in the jQueryUI tooltip and I just missed it.

Thanks in advance

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Ed.S.'s solution:

I tried the following and it works! Leaving the post here for others who may need the same functionality.

    track: true,
    content: function () {
        var arrContent = $(this).attr('title').split(' - ');
        var data = '<h3>' + arrContent[0] + '</h3><div>' + arrContent[1] + '</div>';
        return data;
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