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I had heard this question from my friend who attended an interview recently:

Given the head of the linked list, Write a function to swap the head with the next element in the linked list and return the pointer to the new head.


i/p: 1->2,3,4,5 (the given head is 1)
o/p: 2->1,3,4,5
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struct node {
    struct node *next;
struct node *head;

then the solution might look something like

struct node *next = head->next;
if(next == NULL) return head; // nothing to swap
head->next = next->next;
next->next = head;
head = next;
return next;
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Thanks ! Though i am not sure about the optimization. –  SS Hegde Oct 11 '12 at 5:25
What do you mean by optimization here? It is a swapping operation of pointers done in 3 statements. –  fayyazkl Oct 11 '12 at 12:25
struct node* head;

struct node *tmp1,*tmp2;
tmp1=head; // save first node pointer
tmp2=head->next->next; // save third node pointer
head=head->next; // Move Head to the second node
head->next=tmp1; // swap
head->next->next=tmp2; // Restore the link to third node
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