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I need some help to build this line in xml. For google content api

Outcome I'm trying to get is <scp:price unit='USD'>25</scp:price>

At the moment my code output this line <scp:price unit='USD'>25</scp:price unit='USD'> which is incorrect.

Here is my code

b = do |xml|
      xml.send("scp:price unit='USD'",'25') 

Thanks so much in advance

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Your problem is that Nokogiri is interpreting the whole scp:price unit='USD' as the tag name. You should get better results if you separate the tag name from the attributes:

xml.send('scp:price', { :unit => 'USD' }, 25)

That should give you the <scp:price unit="USD">25</scp:price> that you're looking for.

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Thanks so much!!! work perfectly! – user648198 Oct 11 '12 at 5:09

Mu is correct, but here's what that's really supposed to look like:

b = do |xml|
  xml.root('xmlns:scp' => '') do
    xml['scp'].price '25', :unit => 'USD'
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