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I am using matrix.rotate method to rotate the rectangle (box in my case). My rotate event looks like below

public function transformObject(transformEvent:TransformEvent):void{

        var numChildrn:int = _markedObjectLayer.numChildren;
        var tempMatrix: Matrix = null;
        var tempx:Number;
        var tempy:Number;
        var tempHeight:Number;
        var tempWidth:Number;
        for(var i:int = 0; i < numChildrn; i++){
            var chld:MarkedObject = ObjectLayer.getChildAt(i)
            if (chld.selected){
                var  height:int = (BoxObject) chld.height;
                var  width:int = (BoxObject) chld.width;

                tempMatrix = chld.transform.matrix;


                tempMatrix = MatrixTransformer.transform(tempMatrix,transformEvent.angle);


                chld.transform.matrix = tempMatrix;


The Matrix.transform method calls matrix.rotate method

public static function transform(sourceMatrix:Matrix, rotation:Number=0 ):Matrix {

        sourceMatrix = MatrixTransformer.rotate(sourceMatrix, rotation, "degrees");

        return sourceMatrix;

     * Rotates a matrix and returns the result. The unit parameter lets the user specify "degrees", 
     * "gradients", or "radians". 
    public static function rotate(sourceMatrix:Matrix, angle:Number, unit:String = "radians"):Matrix {
        if (unit == "degrees") 
            angle = Math.PI * 2 *( angle / 360);

        sourceMatrix. rotate(angle)
        return sourceMatrix;

The issue is that x and y are left corener of the box and hence it is rotating around left corner. However, if I try to give temp.x and temp.y as centroid value it does not rotate around centroid?

Can any one suggest what am I doing wrong here?

Thanks Akshay

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This is enahncement of question stackoverflow.com/questions/12814859/… –  Akshay Oct 11 '12 at 6:26

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If you really want or have to use matrices directly, you can do this more conveniently using a built-in flash class: fl.motion.MatrixTransformer:

MatrixTransformer.rotateAroundInternalPoint(matrix, centroidX, centroidY, angleInDegrees);

See the Adobe docs on MatrixTransformer for more information.

However, if you don't need to use the transformation matrix, the simpler solution would be to:

  • have your objects drawn in such a way that (0, 0) is their centroid
  • use the simple rotation property from DisplayObject which achieves the same goal in a much simpler manner
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Thanks Jakub for your reply. But is fl.motion.MatrixTransformer available in flex to import? I tried to look but there was no such library available. Am I supposed to download some library? –  Akshay Oct 11 '12 at 21:51
I have not imported the fl library , however the object is moving in a spiral motion after each rotation..I shall post the code soon –  Akshay Oct 14 '12 at 6:09
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Figured it out. It appears that I was not translating them to appropriate coordinate positions before and after rotation

//Step 1 Fix the co-ordinates of rectangle . I added them to an event so that they remain static

    if (TransformEvent.X == 0 && TransformEvent.Y == 0)
         TransformEvent.X = chld.x;
           TransformEvent.Y = chld.y;

//next get the centroid of rectangle

       tempx = TransformEvent.X + width/2;
       tempy= TransformEvent.Y +height/2;

// Step 3: translate before rotation


//Rotate the rectangle

        tempMatrix = MatrixTransformer.transform(tempMatrix,transformEvent.angle);

//translate to centroid after rotation


//assign back the matrix to the rectangle

         chld.transform.matrix = tempMatrix;

Thanks for all your help. Also the this site helped me with translation bit http://www.foxarc.com/blog/article/66.htm

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