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I have two tables, a transactions table, and transactions_items table:


ID Customer Amt
1  Bill     500
2  Helen    100


ID Code Price
1  R2   100
1  R3   200
1  R5   100
2  R5   100

I want to group them as such:

ID Customer Code Price Amt
1  Bill     R2   100   500
            R3   200   
            R5   100
2  Helen    R5   100   100

Is this possible?

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why it is in php tag ? –  swapnesh Oct 11 '12 at 6:02

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you can possibly do that but you have tons of work to do, do it in your application level, you will be needing this query,

SELECT  a.*, 
FROM    transaction a
        INNER JOIN transaction_items b
            ON a.ID = b.ID
        INNER JOIN
            SELECT ID, SUM(Price) Amt
            FROM transactions_Items
            GROUP BY ID
        ) c ON a.ID = c.ID
ORDER BY b.code
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You can get by this

select transactions.id,transactions.customer,transaction_items.code,transaction_items.price,transactions.amount 
from transactions  
left outer join 
transaction_items  on a.id=b.id;
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