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We've looked in Silverlight 2 recently and found no way to edit formatted text there. Is this really true, and are there any (maybe commercial) external rich text editors available?

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Vectorlight has a rich text box.

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Thanks a ton! Will give this one a try as well! –  Michael Pliskin Sep 27 '08 at 11:06

I haven't tried it myself yet but this is one I know of.


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Thanks a ton, will definitely give it a try –  Michael Pliskin Sep 24 '08 at 19:49
this project does not appear to be active anymore –  Aaron Hoffman Oct 20 '09 at 20:53

ComponentOne also has a RichTextBox control in the works:


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Thanks! Do you know if it is of good quality? Also seems expensive.. –  Michael Pliskin Sep 25 '08 at 9:09

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