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I'm newbie in angularJS world and I probably misunderstand something.

My app use controllers, directives and services, all run perfectly untill I use a service with $resource, then there is a "conflict" or something else wrong.

Working directive :

myApp.directive('components', function(){
    return function(params){

Working service :

myApp.factory('myFactory', function(){

Service that cause the trouble :

angular.module('myApp', ['ngResource']).factory('resourceFactory', function($resource){

There is no error in the console, the service with $resource works but the directive seems not executed.

Can you help me ?

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Are you defining 'myApp' twice? I'm concerned that the 1st factory and 2nd factory are defined in a totally different way, why? – Tosh Oct 11 '12 at 7:09
You got the point, the second way cause the trouble I think. But this is the the only way I found to use $resource (see the first comment in official documentation docs.angularjs.org/api/ngResource.$resource). – Pierre Oct 11 '12 at 7:50
module dependency comes into module definition. Not the service/directive/etc.. definition. So you just have to define module dependency when creating module once. I posted the answer to show sample code. – Tosh Oct 11 '12 at 8:09
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try to define myApp in following way.

var myApp = angular.module('myApp', ['ngResource']);

then define service/directive/controller on it.

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That during the thousand years your name is mentioned with respect! Thanks! – Pierre Oct 11 '12 at 8:22

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