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I have listed projects in main work page, If i click on the project it will direct to work page where details have been displayed,If i click on the back button its is redirecting main work page.I want back button should redirect the previous project please help.

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For your back button to redirect you to the previous project, you need to change the present HTML from

 <a href="mainWork.php">BACK</a>

to :

 <a href="work.php?page=1">BACK</a>

You will have to do this dynamically by calculating the page numbers in the href as $_GET['page'] - 1

 <? $page = (int) $_GET['page']; $back = $_GET['page'] - 1;
         print '<a href="work.php?page=$back">BACK</a>';
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Sorry.my question is not that.in my work [Link]( yellowandred.in/work.php?page=2) there is back button if i click back button in my page it should redirect to previous page like browser back –  user1586851 Oct 11 '12 at 7:06
Just edit your question to mention this. I will edit my answer too. –  janenz00 Oct 11 '12 at 7:10
If i want to display previously viewed project then please help.. –  user1586851 Oct 11 '12 at 7:46

The back button in my browser is working as-designed on your site: it takes me to the previous webpage I was on.

Websites cannot (easily) alter the behaviour of the browser back button in order to keep the user in-control. You can't (easily) use the back button to navigate through a website (if I understand your question correctly).

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why not change the back button client-side?

<a href='#' id='backBtn'>Back</a>

And in JS:

document.getElementById('backBtn').onclick = function()

If all you want is for the back btn to behave like the browser back button?

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