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I am working on asp.net mvc. I am trying to display list of messages in a Kendo mvc ui grid. I have written the code like,

                .Sortable(m => m.Enabled(true).SortMode(GridSortMode.MultipleColumn))
                .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "" })
                col =>
                    col.Bound(o => o.RecNo).HtmlAttributes(new { style = "display:none" }).Title("").HeaderHtmlAttributes(new { style = "display:none" });
                    col.Bound(o => o.NoteDate).Title("Date").Format("{0:MMM d, yyyy}");
                    col.Bound(o => o.PatName).Title("Patient");
                    col.Bound(o => o.NoteType).Title("Type");
                    col.Bound(o => o.Subject);


                .Selectable(sel => sel.Mode(GridSelectionMode.Single).Type(GridSelectionType.Row))

                           ds => ds.Ajax().ServerOperation(false).Model(m => m.Id(modelid => modelid.RecNo))
                            //.Read(read => read.Action("Messages_Read", "Msg"))

                .Events(ev => ev.Change("onSelectingGirdRow"))

and i have the field in the table like IsRead-boolean type. so if the message is unread message then i need to format that record with bold font. I have used clientTemplates but with that i am able to format only particular cells i want format entire row. Please guide me.

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as Sanja suggested you can use the dataBound event but it will be better to cycle through the tr elements (the rows). Also I assume that you will need the related dataItem to check if the property that indicates if the message is read.


dataBound: function ()
   var grid = this;
     var dataItem = grid.dataItem(this);
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Shouldn't it be like $(this).find("tr").each(function()...? The way you wrote it, it will cycle through all of TRs on the page. – Mahmoodvcs Jan 11 '13 at 4:32
That's right, I updated my post and now it cycles only through the direct children rows of the Grid table element. – Petur Subev Jan 11 '13 at 9:48
is it true that if you user server data binding, ala DataSource( ds => ds.Server(), you cannot access the underlying data item in the javascript using grid.dataItem(this) ? – tote Jan 28 '13 at 18:19
@towpse yes it is true – tote Jan 31 '13 at 16:28

You can use dataBound event to change your rows.

dataBound: function ()
     if(some condition...)
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