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I am planing to use sliding panels as pages for this website. Even tough I am a JS noob I managed to find and edit scripts until I got pretty much the perfect script

Problem is that the sliding panels are closing when clicked outside. I want then to close when another panel opens but not when somebody clicks outside the panel.

Also this will be an one page design except the portfolio. I a link to index.html with the portfolio panel open. Can I do that? To understand better what I mean please check this image.

Edit: Okay I will explain better.

This will be a one page design, since I will be using sliding panels for pages. However each gallery item will have it's own html page because I do not want the site to be slow.

So I need to link portfolioitem1.html to the index.html with the portfolio panel open just like in the image I posted

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I'm afraid I don't follow the second part of your question, in the final paragraph. Can you explain or, perhaps, rephrase? – David Thomas Oct 11 '12 at 7:24

Here's a jsFiddle that solves the first part of the problem:

The thing that was causing the panels to collapse was the function you were using. I've moved everything into a $(document).ready() function, added some generic wrappers for the sliders and buttons, and used a generic click function that's shared across all three buttons.

The click function uses the data-rel property of the button that was clicked to decide what panel it should toggle. It also hides any panels that are already visible within the #content div.

To open the portfolio panel by default, you can add this immediately after the on('click') function:


That will trigger the portfolio animation (see Alternatively:


will open the portfolio panel instantly, without the sliding animation (see

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Thanks a lot, it works just fine :d – Gheorgheoiu Nicolae Oct 11 '12 at 14:36
Great! Care to accept the answer then? ;) – MassivePenguin Oct 11 '12 at 14:45

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