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Here is my strategy,

I have a ContentView inside my module which is acting as a container for it's nested regions. The below code was working for me when it was just a single region, but I decided to divide it up. I was using Interfaces for registering types, would be no matter change them with the real contents, That's no matter here.

I know the piece of code I provided have got some errors, please help me as I think using these Nested regions could clean the code more and it would structure better. I'm using Unity.

Inside the ContentView**

// Inside a grid

            <DockPanel Grid.Column="0" prism:RegionManager.RegionName="Left" />
            <DockPanel Grid.Column="0" prism:RegionManager.RegionName="Right" /> 

Adding the LeftView will cause an error.

Running the code will give this error : {"An exception occurred while creating a region with name 'Left'. The exception was: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The IRegionAdapter for the type System.Windows.Controls.DockPanel is not registered in the region adapter mappings. You can register an IRegionAdapter for this control by overriding the ConfigureRegionAdapterMappings method in the bootstrapper.\r\n

How should I change the code to do the job ?

Should I threat Nested Regions the same as my container region ?

Is the code ordered Correctly ? (Their precedence)

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Put a ContentControl inside your dock panels, and set the region name on that. Dock panels are not supported as regions out of the box.

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