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I want to build a little streaming service, nothing like YouTube (there will be no options for users to upload videos themselves), I calculate with not much more than 100-200 concurrent streams at once. The videos are quite short, around 3-10 minutes in HD-quality and shouldn't be much bigger than 200mb. My question is, if this is possible with PHP and what kind of hardware would be needed, I thought maybe the hard drive read'n'write-rate could be too slow to stream 200 different videos at once...Any suggestions?

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Not really a stack overflow question. But, in the worst case, assume a BluRay disc, 25GB, 2 hours of video, which means a total of 711 MB/s for 200 different streams. (I would worry more about storage capacity). Assuming a 4.7 (5)GB DVD, 2hours, you would get around 142MB/s for 200 streams. In other words, it depends greatly on the bitrate of your videos –  Daan Timmer Oct 11 '12 at 7:30
thanks for the fast answer, i updatet my questions, forgot the sie of the video. we are talking about hd-videos which are quite short, let's say around 3-10 minutes with a size smaller than 200mb i think –  Tim Specht Oct 11 '12 at 7:34
Might be worth looking into third-party video streaming services - they have video-optimised servers and CDNs that (presumably) permit them to offer this service cheaper than one can do it oneself. –  halfer Oct 11 '12 at 7:47

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I think PHP would be not the best choice for network video streaming.

If you need just a video-streaming service without any custom extra-features, why don't you just use any existing solutions? For example, you could use erlyvideo - it is written on Erlang but it is easy to install & maintain and it is very optimized on hardware (so, you don't need monster-like video server).

I believe, 2-4 Gb RAM would be enough. And if you need streaming only (without encoding), you also don't need a very powerful CPU too.

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