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So I guess this question is sort of two folds

  1. What should I store when granted Facebook OAuth rights into my User Domain Entity (facebook userid? or token? or both or something else)

  2. Can I just generally secure the ASP.NET Web API with a DelegatingHandler to read for the access token?

Currently my core architecture is as follows:

  • MyApp.Domain : My domain models in a Class Library Project
  • MyApp.DataAccess: My Repositories and Entity Framework Contexts
  • MyApp.WebAPI : ASP.NET Web API Project for a RESTful Service

My Clients are

  • MyApp.Website: ASP.NET MVC 4 Website
  • MyApp.iPhoneApp - Native iOS App for the iPhone
  • MyApp.AndroidApp - Native Android App
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This question should provide some insight: stackoverflow.com/questions/13207673/… –  Kwal Nov 17 '12 at 5:05
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Check this page:
it has a tutorial and works.

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