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Error: There has been a server error. Wait a while and try again. (Translation from dutch) I removed the script but I still get this message every morning.

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The best practice before removing apps script from your Google Docs, you should first remove all the trigger.

This error seems that you had made trigger which executes daily.

So, now the trigger is running as per schedule but it could not find any event/relevant code. so it is giving Error Every Day.


Try to open through spreadsheet -> Tools -> Script Editor

if it is opened then make remove all trigger and make new version from file -> manage version and you will able to resolve this error

Hope this one will work for you.

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Tnx I think that's the problem. I'l try it and keep you informed tomorrow ;-) –  user1737224 Oct 11 '12 at 8:01

You removed the script, but it sounds like the trigger remains.

In any script editor, click Resources, All your triggers, try and identify the trigger that needs to be removed, and remove it.

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