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I need to do replace a value for a key in lua, for example consider a table

t = {"book", "ball", "bank"}

here I need to change the value for "box" instead of "ball". how to do that ?

previously I tried as finding the value a key and change, but it didn't work!!!

for key, value in pairs(t) do
  if key == 2 then
    value = "box"

but it didn't work.. if anyone knows alternative way please give me suggestions?

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That's logical.

In a loop the looping variables key and value are locals. So reassigning them, it just changes the value referenced by the local variable. After 1 run of the loop, locals run out of scope and are discarded.

To change the value in the table reference to the table itself like


In this simple example just doing t[2]="box" would obviously also serve ;) (instead of having to loop through the whole table just to replace one value) More in depth information can be found in the manual.

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oh!!! Yes !!! i'm careless...its logical :-) thank u – ssss05 Oct 11 '12 at 8:57

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