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I have an array like this in JavaScript:

[name: "myname", text: "<p>my html text</p>"]

Now when I use this in my Mustache template it displays the text as:

<p>my html text</p>

I just want to have it as html, like:

my html text


The template I use is something like this:

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use tripple curly braces if you want to output html. {{{html}}}

from the docs:

All variables are HTML-escaped by default. If you want to render unescaped HTML, use the triple mustache: {{{name}}}. You can also use & to unescape a variable.

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Works great, thanks! – Saif Bechan Oct 11 '12 at 7:39
also worked for me. thanks. – Luis Molina Jun 12 at 9:56

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