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Q: When editing a .tex file in Textmate 2: How can you print latex sections in a bigger font size?

I added following grammar to the Latex bundle:

{   patterns = (
    {   begin = 'section\{';
        end = '\}';
        name = 'markup.heading.1.latex';

And additionally I added following Setting that is applied to the newly defined markup.heading.1.latex scope:

{   fontName = 'Baskerville';
fontSize = '2.25em';

The problem: it only matches sections without a leading \:

enter image description here

... and when I change the scope definition to the following (adding \\ in front of "section"):

{   patterns = (
    {   begin = '\\section\{';
        end = '\}';
        name = 'markup.heading.1.latex';

.. the scope is not applied.

Any ideas?

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I asked a similar question on tex.stackexchange due to the lack of response here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/98574/… –  macmadness86 Feb 17 '13 at 10:40

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The answer to your question is to edit the theme bundle.

The procedure to change the appearance of section in Texmate 2 is the following:

In the Bundle editor menu, select Edit bundles ....

Then select the bundle Themes.

From menu File, select New, and when prompted select Setting

Give a name to the setting.

In the Scope Selector field use meta.function.section.latex

Then you can edit the setting, for example:

    fontName = 'Courier';
    fontSize = 36;

Then save (in the usual way, e.g, command-s).

You can repeat for other sectioning command (to identify the scope, move the cursor on the appropriate place and then use the following key combination control-shift-P)

answer taken from here Please give the original author credit.

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