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I'm trying to inject some javascript code to prevent javascript error popup, but I cannot find HTMLDocument and IHTMLScriptElement in WPF:

var doc = browser.Document as HTMLDocument;

if (doc != null)
    //Create the sctipt element 
    var scriptErrorSuppressed = (IHTMLScriptElement)doc.createElement("SCRIPT");
    scriptErrorSuppressed.type = "text/javascript";
    scriptErrorSuppressed.text = m_disableScriptError;
    //Inject it to the head of the page 
    IHTMLElementCollection nodes = doc.getElementsByTagName("head");
    foreach (IHTMLElement elem in nodes)
        var head = (HTMLHeadElement)elem;
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To clarify, Microsoft.mshtml isn't the 'using', it's a reference.

Full solution:

  1. Add a project reference to Microsoft.mshtml

  2. Add using mshtml;

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I have solved the problem by using:

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