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i am looking for the best software to draw ERD in windows for a mysql database.

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I've been using MySQL Workbench for a couple of months now (the community version) and I am very pleased with the result.

MySQL Workbench it is based on DBDesigner4 which was another great tool.

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If you use a decent web browser on Windows, go try SchemaBank. They have native support for MySQL.

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You can also use staruml (see chapter 10 for instruction on creating ER, and installing ER module)

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I've used this before and can also highly recommend it – Brock Woolf Jan 13 '10 at 11:38

I've used an open-source Java-based tool called SchemaSpy recently and it worked very well.

SchemaSpy analyzes schema metadata, letting you click through the hierarchy of tables' parent/child relationships. Works with just about any RDBMS that supports JDBC (Oracle/MySQL/DB2/SQL Server/PostgreSQL/Sybase/etc). Also identifies common anomalies.

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Visio has a Database Model Diagram template that can be used to draw Entity-Relation Diagrams.

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I've used Toad Data Modeler before with good results.

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