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In the below code every time I need to get Dept object by passing deptId in createUser() when i am persist Emp, I don't want to go to a database.I want like JDBC to pass only id not object. Every time getting from database effects performance. How do I do that?

public class Emp {
  Integer eid;
  String ename;
  long sal;
  Dept dept;    

  public void createUser(Integer eid,String ename,long sal,Integer deptId) {
    Dept dept = em.find(Dept.class,deptId);
    Emp emp = new Emp();
    emp.setDept(dept);    // here Dept object required 


public class Dept {
  Integer deptid;
  String deptname;
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I think em.getReference() suits those needs

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Read the API doc for EntityManager...

  • getReference() - if you only need it as a reference (the instance might be lazily fetched according to the documentation)
  • find() - if you want to use its attributes also
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ppeterka is correct, you also use this for performance reasons... bare in mind (as in most cases with entities) that the state object can be detached. – giannisapi Oct 11 '12 at 14:37

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