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I want to add a class to a body tag with jQuery.

For example if the URL is, I want add the first five letters, in this case 'about', to the body tag:

<body class="about">

How can I do that?

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This should do it:

var newClass = window.location.href;
newClass = newClass.substring(newClass.lastIndexOf('/')+1, 5);

The whole "five characters" thing is a little worrisome; that kind of arbitrary cutoff is usually a red flag. I'd recommend catching everything until an _ or .:

newClass = newClass.match(/\/[^\/]+(_|\.)[^\/]+$/);

That pattern should yield the following:

  • ../about_us.html : about
  • ../something.html : something
  • ../has_two_underscores.html : has
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more effective than $('body') is $(document.body), avoids the selector process. See (note: 'higher is better' in given stats) – FranKee Mar 18 '13 at 12:47
$(document.body) works with jQuery 1.9.0 as well (while $("body") doesn't work (tested in Chrome)). – István Ujj-Mészáros Apr 18 '13 at 20:54


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You can extract that part of the URL using a simple regular expression:

var url = location.href;
var className = url.match(/\w+\/(\w+)_/)[1];
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Something like this might work:

$("body").attr("class", "about");

It uses jQuery's attr() to add the class 'about' to the body.

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Well, you're going to want document.location. Do some sort of string manipulation on it (unless jQuery has a way to avoid that work for you) and then


I know this isn't the complete answer, but I assume you can work the rest out :)

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I had the same problem,

<body id="body">

Add an ID tag to the body:

$('#body').attr('class',json.class); // My class comes from Ajax/JSON, but change it to whatever you require.

Then switch the class for the body's using the id. This has been tested in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

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