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I'm new to the Closure Tools. In this case I have a project structure like this:

Closure project directory screenshot

Using to combine and compile my project, I got this exception:

Exception: Duplicate provide (ClosureSample) in (D:\Tes compress\CSS\Stack\sample2.js, sample2.js)

I use the following command to invoke

python -i sample.js -p "D:\Tes compress" -p sample2.js -o compiled -c compiler.jar -f --js=sample_renaming_map.js -f --compilation_level=ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS -f --warning_level=VERBOSE -f --externs=jquery-1.7.js -f --js_output_file=sample_compiled.js

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Ensure that the namespace ClosureSample is only provided by one call to goog.provide() across all of the JavaScript source files: sample.js, sample2.js, etc. If more than one file includes the line goog.provide('ClosureSample'), you will receive the duplicate provide exception.

Closure's base.js includes the following comment within the definition of goog.provide():

// Ensure that the same namespace isn't provided twice. This is intended
// to teach new developers that 'goog.provide' is effectively a variable
// declaration. And when JSCompiler transforms goog.provide into a real
// variable declaration, the compiled JS should work the same as the raw
// JS--even when the raw JS uses goog.provide incorrectly.

In the command line invocation you may remove -p sample2.js since this file is already included by the path -p "D:\Tes compress.

Note: The script is deprecated. See Using ClosureBuilder for information on, the new recommended dependency resolution script.

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