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Is there any method to add a scroll bar to a group box? My code scenario is: I have many groupboxes on a form. All the groupboxes will appear in the same place and also the height and width is fixed. I'm setting groupboxes visible true/false according to a condition.

Some groupboxes ecxeed the width and height, so I want to put this all in scrollbar. Can anyone help me regarding this?

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Is this for windows forms or WPF ? –  Saint Gerbil Oct 11 '12 at 8:54

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If its an Windows application then you need to add a panel to Group box and set a property "AutoScroll"=true.

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place a groupbox on your form then add this code

int btnPos = 1;
Panel pnl = new Panel();
pnl.AutoScroll = true;
pnl.Top = 15;
pnl.Left = 2;
pnl.Width = groupBox1.Width - 8;
for (int i = 0; i < 22; i++)
    Button _btn = new Button();
    _btn.Text = "lbl";
    _btn.Top = btnPos;
    btnPos += 23;
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