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Hi I have to create a wpf grid which is having combo box in it . I have to bind grid to a data table dtGrid and combobox item source to a datatable dtcmb . I wrote template below for embedding combo box in grid .

Now I need to access the combo in code behind to specify item source and DisplayMemberPath, ,SelectedValuePath,SelectedValue,

Even though i could access data grid in code behind I could not access combo box . what is the prob ?

<my:DataGridTemplateColumn x:Name="supplierName" Header="Supplier" Width="60" >
            <ComboBox  x:Name="cmbSubSysSupplier_SRV"  IsTextSearchEnabled="True" 
            Height="23" ItemsSource="{Binding}"  Width="80" />
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You should use a DataGridComboBoxColumn for this particular case. You can access it in code behind through its x:Name property. The DataGridComboBoxColumn object will give you access to all the properties you need.

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how to access it from code behind.can you suggest me – SANDEEP Dec 11 '14 at 6:52

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