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How can you reference column names with PHP's pg_fetch_row?

Example about the code which we have been debugging with Cha.

$dbconn = pg_connect("host=localhost port=5432 dbname=noa user=noa password=123");
$result_titles_tags = pg_prepare( $dbconn, "query777",
    "SELECT question_id, title
    FROM questions
    WHERE question_id IN
        SELECT question_id
        FROM questions
        ORDER BY was_sent_at_time
        DESC LIMIT 50
    ORDER BY was_sent_at_time
    DESC LIMIT 50;"
$result_titles = pg_execute( $dbconn, "query777", array());

while($row = pg_fetch_row( $result_titles )) {
    $question_id = $row[0];                   // This works but following does not
       // We cannot use here `$question_d = $row['question_id']      
                // Problem here: 
                // What is the reason that you cannot use $row['question_id']?
       // for some unknown reason
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Thank you for your answer! –  Masi Aug 16 '09 at 6:18

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You're looking for pg_fetch_assoc, which returns an associative array--i.e., you can call the fields by name.

pg_fetch_array allows you to call them by either name or index. pg_fetch_object allows you to refer to them as $row->question_id.

Choose whichever one you like best. There's no real appreciable speed difference.

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