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I have a file which I would like to read again and again, to update a paramter in my code. but using QTextStream only reads the value once, and reads out 0 after that every time.

This is basically my code:

int main(){
    QString data;
    QFile Status;


    QTextStream in(&Status);

        data = in.readLine();
        cout << "This is the status: " << data.toInt();
return 0;

Problem is that it reads the "status" file correctly the fist time, but after that, it reads out "0"...Any thoughts of how I can read out this file again and again.

In additional info, my thought is to change the data of the file to update my app status, which is a number (int) between 0 and 100.

Thank you for any help, it is appreciated.. :)

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Your code doesnt make sense. If you have successfully opened the file, then nobody will be able to open it for writing.

You can modify the loop :

    if( ){
        QbyteArray data = status.readline();//edited
        //read the first line (without newline)
        QString valueString = QString(data).section(0, '\n');
        cout << "This is the status: " << data.toInt();

The if is a naive attempt to wait when if the file is opened by another program.

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This seems so allmost do the trick, but data is filled with the status value, followed by a linebreak, which makes toInt() return a "0"... – Qw_freak Oct 11 '12 at 9:45
If you want to read only one line, then change readAll to readline... – UmNyobe Oct 11 '12 at 9:46
Still returns a line like this: This is the status: "50 ::newline::" – Qw_freak Oct 11 '12 at 9:54
what is the format of your file? – UmNyobe Oct 11 '12 at 9:56
its a simple file created by "touch status", then filled by: "echo 50 > status" – Qw_freak Oct 11 '12 at 10:28

Close the file and open it again or reset the read pointer.

Since you are going to edit it meanwhile, it is most likely required to close it between reads.

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How about closing file and therefore relasing i/o source?

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