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After a build is finished I use the mail-ext-plugin (Jenkins Email Extension Plugin) to send an email to certain users. I would like to include the user who started (requested) the build in that mail. - I couldn't find anything working with the default Jenkins vars. - I Couldn't find anything in the mail-ext vars. - I tried Build User Vars Plugin to get $BUILD_USER

but I can't get it to work.

How to get to $BUILD_USER, BUILD_REQUESTER, USERNAME or something like that

For now I have




resulting in

zzz test GreenHat - Build # 27 - Still Failing:
Check console output....



also tried without {}

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In your example, {$BUILD_USER} should be ${BUILD_USER},
but even this way it will not work unless you install this Plugin:

Build User Vars Plugin

It gives you the following variables:

  • BUILD_USER – full name of user started build,
  • BUILD_USER_FIRST_NAME – first name of user started build,
  • BUILD_USER_LAST_NAME – last name of user started build,
  • BUILD_USER_ID – id of user started build.

(see the plugin page for more details)

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As I stated in my question, I tried Build User Vars Plugin, but I can not get it to work. Maybe it's not compatible with the mail-ext plugin $CAUSE ${BUILD_USER} {$BUILD_USER} $BUILD_USER BUILD_USER gives Started by user Jan Jansen ${BUILD_USER} {$BUILD_USER} $BUILD_USER BUILD_USER –  Niek Oct 24 '12 at 14:35
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I have finally found what I wanted, adding:





Started by user Jan Jansen
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