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I followed this Railscasts link for CSV export from Railsto export my html table (dynamically generated) to xls and it downloads my excel document when I do .xls

However, when I open it in iWork Numbers, I get the following error:

Import Warning - This is a tab delimited document, not a valid Excel document. The data might look different.

I see my source code of the table in the document.

Here is the code I use to generate the table:

<table border ="1">
        <tr>enter code here
    <th><%= get_column_name "#{@level1}"%></th>
    <th><%= get_column_name "#{@level2}"%></th>
    <th><%= get_column_name "#{@level3}"%></th>
        <% @grp.each do |key, value| %>
            <% value.each do |k2, v2|%>
                <% v2.each do |k3, v3|%>
                            <td><% if "#{@level1}" == "abcd"  && Person.exists?(key.to_i) %><%= "#{Person.find(key.to_i).get_name}" %><% else %><%= "#{key}" %><% end %></td>
                            <td><% if "#{@level2}" == "abcd"  && Person.exists?(k2.to_i) %><%= "#{Person.find(k2.to_i).get_name}" %><% else %><%= "#{k2}" %><% end %></td>
                            <td><% if "#{@level3}" == "abcd"  && Person.exists?(k3.to_i) %><%= "#{Person.find(k3.to_i).get_name}" %><% else %><%= "#{k3}" %><% end %></td>
                            <td><%= "#{v3.count}" if !v3.nil? %></td>

Can somebody please tell me if it's the problem with Numbers or something else. I am a student and can't really afford to buy excel just to check this.


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Any code? How do you write your xls doc? – halfelf Oct 11 '12 at 9:03
Hi @halfelf, I have updated the description with my code. – anipendakur Oct 11 '12 at 9:07
I think it's probably just a Numbers issue. However, you should consider making a CSV or TSV instead of relying on Excel's HTML->spreadsheet function, so you can actually view your spreadsheet (and others who don't use Excel). It's very easy to do too -- <%= row.join("\t") %> is all you need for a valid TSV row. – jmdeldin Oct 11 '12 at 9:14
You could take a look at existing gems for writing and parsing Excel .xls data. Here's a short list. – Thomas Klemm Oct 11 '12 at 9:17
@anipendakur: Sorry for the delay. I posted a response to clarify CSVs and rendering them. Hope it helps! – jmdeldin Oct 16 '12 at 5:25
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A more portable approach is to just generate CSV or TSV (tab-delimited) files. This is definitely a good idea if you don't have Excel and if you don't need to deal with the horrors of XLS[X].

The Railscast you linked to gave one solution using the CSV library. It handles quoting fields for you, which is really nice as we'll see in a bit. I'll outline the manual approach as well:

Let's assume you have this action in your controller:

# widget_controller.rb
def index
  @widgets = Widget.ordered_by_name
  respond_to do |format|

And then something like this in your template will work:

<%# index.csv.erb %>
<% @widgets.each do |w| %>
<%= %>,<%= %>
<% end %>

Or more succinctly:

<%# index.csv.erb %>
<%= %w(ID Name).join(",") %>
<%= { |w| [,].join(",") }.join("\n") %>

You will need to take care around quoting. For instance, if widgets[0].name returned foo,bar, your data would look like:


The solution is to just quote the field, or if you don't want to think about this...use CSV.generate :).

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thank you for the reply. But, I have a dynamically generated hash every time the page is loaded/refreshed. I got the picture however. I have to render a view in CSV, pass the hash as a parameter; finally quote the fields before joining. I will try this and see if this works in iWork Numbers. Thank you :) – anipendakur Oct 17 '12 at 6:30

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