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How to save contents of MATLAB’s command windows to in a file?

Using function pretty(x) I get what I want in command window. I need to get the same in text file. How to do this?

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Look for how do I write text files in matlab. This question has been asked many times before. –  angainor Oct 11 '12 at 9:14
I guess the main problem is not writing to text file, but to store the output of pretty in a string. If so, please see: stackoverflow.com/questions/5833356/… –  H.Muster Oct 11 '12 at 9:18
Ways to do this are covered in my answer to the question @H.Muster linked to, so this is basically a duplicate. I also added another option to my answer that uses EVALC. –  gnovice Oct 11 '12 at 18:49
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You can use the command evalc to redirect all output that would go to the console to a string variable (which you later can save to a file).


>> a = sym('a'); b = sym('b');
>> str = evalc('pretty(a+b)');
>> str 

str =

  a + b
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I think that the best way is to use the clc disp() and char() commands:

clc % clear the command window
syms x y;
expression = x*y; % make your calculations
expression2 = x+y;% make your calculations
                  % make your calculations
disp(char(expression)) % char() converts symbolic expression to string
disp(char(expression2))% and disp() shows the string in the command window

You can copy everything in the command window really fast with the normal windows commands ctrl+a (select all), ctrl+c (copy) and ctrl+v (paste).

Hope this helps

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