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I have an application that posts daily statuses to a Page wall, the statuses are posted as the application (see My app is "Fragrant Heart Daily Meditations" and as you can see has been quite happily posting away for many years now. However, now, when it posts, I get the error:

 [message] => An unknown error has occurred.
 [type] => OAuthException
 [code] => 1

Here is my code that runs on the server (PHP api):

$facebook = new Facebook(array('appId'=>'148279321865482', 'secret'=>'XXXXXX', 'cookie'=>false));
$target_id = '124924677541618'; // Fragrant Heart Meditation Page
$facebook->api("/{$target_id}/feed", 'POST', array('message'=>$msg));

From what I've read, there is NO access_token required, as the page has granted my app the publish_stream permission.

What has changed recently that would cause this error? The code has not changed.

I have also tried the server-side authentication flow to obtain an access token, and when running that token through the debugger I get:

App ID:  148279321865482 : Fragrant Heart Daily Meditations
User ID: 100001170589484 : Elisabeth Blaikie
Issued:  1289470487 (over a year ago)
Expires: Never
Valid:   True
Origin:  Web
Scopes:  create_note manage_pages offline_access photo_upload publish_actions publish_stream share_item status_update video_upload

but when using the access token like this: (obviously, YYYYYYY is replaced with the actual token):

$facebook = new Facebook(array('appId'=>'148279321865482', 'secret'=>'XXXXXX', 'cookie'=>false));
$target_id = '124924677541618'; // Fragrant Heart Meditation Page
$facebook->api("/{$target_id}/feed", 'POST', array('message'=>$msg, 'access_token'=>'YYYYYYY'));

I get the error:

[message] => Invalid OAuth access token.
[type] => OAuthException
[code] => 190

Thanks for your help.

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Haha - so the original issue was actually the access_token missing; however when I pasted the access_code in to my code I had mis-copied my access key; hence the "Invalid OAuth access token". D'Oh!

So for anyone else in the same situation (automatically posting to your own page from a PHP server), the correct code is

$facebook = new Facebook(array('appId'=>'YOUR APP ID', 'secret'=>'YOUR APP SECRET', 'cookie'=>false));
$target_id = 'YOUR PAGE ID'; 
$facebook->api("/{$target_id}/feed", 'POST', array('message'=>'YOUR MESSAGE', 'access_token'=>'YYYYYYY'));

To get a permanent access token, follow the steps in specifically steps 1 and 4:

Sign in as the owner of the page you want to post to. Go to

COMMA_SEPARATED_LIST_OF_PERMISSION_NAMES should be publish_stream, and any other perms you need. Accept the request, which will redirect back to YOUR_REDIRECT_URI (which must be the same domain as in your app settings) Copy the CODE from the redirect URI and go to

The access token will be in the body of the page.

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favved. thanks! – Enrique Nov 8 '12 at 13:37

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