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I have a php method which is setting header(location: "SomeUrl"). On executing the method from browser I am getting the correct output i.e. "SomeUrl" is invoked. But when I make a rest call to the same method I am getting the output as returned by the function instead of "SomeUrl" but in my response header 'location' I do see "SomeUrl". Now if I exit my method I am getting the output as "SomeUrl".

Please could someone help me understand this behaviour.

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Meaby you "rest call" don`t have set up SomeUrl as location parametr?

set up this as location in every rest call it look like they try make new call.

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On using getResponse().redirectSeeOther("SomeUrl") the response received by rest call is "SomeUrl", but header(location: "SomeUrl") does not work. If I exit my method then header(location: "SomeUrl") is honored. I want to understand why is the first case header(location: "SomeUrl") did not work. –  user1268880 Oct 11 '12 at 10:23

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