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Hi there i have a problem while accessing Pingdom API from my rails app. Here is the code:

auth = {:username => pingdom_username, :password => pingdom_password, :key => application_key } response =HTTParty.get("", :basic_auth => auth)

I have tried in many ways (putting the app key as a separate header, having different names :key, :app_key, :api_key) but i always receive error as a mistake with the application key:


puts response.body


{"error":{"statuscode":403,"statusdesc":"Forbidden","errormessage":"Missing application key. Please see the documentation."}}

Any Ideas what am I doing Wrong? Thank you in advance

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If you don't want to reinvent the wheel, there's a Pingdom API gem in Ruby. I use this repo of it since the original is a bit outdated. – undefinedvariable Mar 6 '13 at 15:54
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I found my misstake :) THe key should be provided as an HTTP header

One way can be:

response = HTTParty.get("", :basic_auth => auth, :headers => {"App-Key" => application_key})

the other way is creating a class where you set the parameters and than you call get through this class.

class Pingdom

include HTTParty
headers "App-Key" => "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm6ogjzpd7v"


response = Pingdom.get("", :basic_auth => auth)

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