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I want my textbox to display the name of file selected by telerik upload control. Please find the code snippet below.

@Html.TextBox(txtBox, null, new { style = string.Format("width:200px") })
<td style="padding-top: 1%; padding-left: 8%">
//.HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "myCustomClass" }).Multiple(false))

Currently the textbox is displaying null.

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The Telerik control should allow you to show the file name. Your extra textbox seems redundant.

Read the telerik documentation and specifically the html and css section. It says the following:

During and after uploading, a file list is displayed, which shows the progress and status of each uploaded file. Its HTML output is the following:

<ul class="t-upload-files t-reset">
    <li class="t-file">
        <span class="t-icon t-success">uploaded</span>
        <span class="t-filename">some-uploaded-file.jpg</span>
        <button class="t-button t-button-icontext t-upload-action" type="button">
                 <span class="t-icon t-delete"></span>Remove</button>
    <li class="t-file">
        <span class="t-icon t-fail">failed</span>
        <span class="t-filename">some-failed-file.jpg
            <span class="t-progress">
         <span style="width: 75%;" class="t-progress-status">
        <button class="t-button t-button-icontext t-upload-action" type="button">
                    <span class="t-icon t-retry"></span>Retry</button>

If you want to update a textbox of your own, simply use their client api by adding this when creating telerik control

.ClientEvents(events => events.OnSelect("onSelect"))

and in your javascript

function onSelect(e) {
        // Array with information about the uploaded files

Again all the details are in the documentation.

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i agree that the file name is displayed below the control. However i just want to display that file name in the adjoining textbox. Is there a way i can achieve that. –  Amit Agarwal Oct 11 '12 at 11:05
@user1737742 updated answer –  dove Oct 11 '12 at 11:14
Thanks a lot.. It worked :) –  Amit Agarwal Oct 11 '12 at 11:25
@user1737742 you're welcome and thanks for accepting answer. I see you've only joined today, so I don't feel suggesting that it's customary to also upvote an answer you find useful, just above where you accepted answer. Votes are what makes the SO work. –  dove Oct 11 '12 at 11:29

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