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When starting the debugger, Visual Studio just hangs for about 20 seconds, then terminates the debugging session, without any warning.

The 32-bit version works fine, but is no good if our plugin uses 64-bit native code from a third party.

As a developer, I'm sticking with Petrel 2012.1 on my workstation for the time being - might the issue be fixed in a later release?

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It's not a bug but a feature – the license protection mechanism. But you can attach your debugger to Petrel 2012.1 64 bit when Petrel's UI is visible, the initial steps only are protected from debugging.

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Thanks - I should have tried attaching - apologies for my impatience :-) – Robert Schmidt Oct 11 '12 at 11:07

But of course you would still need to use 32-bit version of Petrel if you want edit-and-continue while debugging: Why doesn't Edit and Continue work on the x64 CLR?

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