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For example, I have class A.

class A

And want in spec return instance of that class from stubbed method.

A.any_instance.stub(:my_method).and_return(<here is the same instance on which my_method is called should got>)

Is that possible to make something similar in RSpec?

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stub_chain doesn't really fit me as I do not want to stub the second method I call later on the returned instance. –  Zeke Fast Oct 11 '12 at 10:55

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This will do the trick for you :

A.any_instance.stub(:my_method) do |*args|
    instance = RSpec::Mocks::space.send(:receivers).last

I dug this out from the rspec code here : rspec github code

P.S. : This depends entirely on rspec implementation and may change in the future. The background is a little complex to explain here. I may add that in future.

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